The Aladdin Society

The Aladdin Society was established in 2011, shortly after the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse became an independent 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Organization. The Aladdin Society was named in honor of the original name of the Playhouse: the Aladdin Theatre.

The Aladdin Society brings those who believe in the mission of the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse together who want to be an integral part of its continued success. The members are the “good news ambassadors” throughout the community.

The Aladdin Society assists in the following areas on behalf of the Playhouse:

Community Awareness

All members will receive a monthly email newsletter of the current “inside” news from the Playhouse and thus be able to share with others in the community. Each members’ name will be recognized throughout the year on the Playhouse’s website and in the season program. 


Each member makes a tax-deductible $100 contribution annually that assists in the operation of the Playhouse and the success of the Society. Each member will be the first invited to attend special events throughout the year.

We hope that you will choose to join us as a member of the “Aladdin Society”. For questions or more information call David or Valerie Barnhart at (321)452-3616 or e-mail

CLICK HERE to complete and send your application.


Aladdin Society Members 2017

Theresa Abruzzo-Price
Peta Adovasio
Mary Pat Altman
Robert Anderson
Valerie & David Barnhart
Scott & Vicki Baughan
Dick & Gail Beagley
Bob Beasley
Lewis Berman
Karen Besecky
Dori Bisbey
Carol Bollas
Florence Bragdnon
Shirley Buchanan
Robert & Patricia Carman
Theresa Clifton
Bettie Cooke
Sherri Coppage
Charles & Tootsie Davidson
Ilene Davis & Bobby Socks
Dr. & Mrs. Clifford Dubbin
Renee Edwards
Dianne Eswine
Dr. Brenda Fettrow
Barbara Garrett
William Garrett
Joseph Gerrity
Susan Goldsmith
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Glavas
Paul Greenway
Jackie Griffin
Dewey & Shirley Harris
Betty Buchanan Harrison
Dr. Anastacia Hawkins-Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Houston
Bill Imre
Dr. & Mrs. Maxwell C. King
Gail Koontz
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kunigonis
Shirley Lanni
Susie & Kent Leifer
Patricia Lopez
Donna Manfredi
Charlie & Kathleen Manship
Alice Fowler-McClellan
Paul Mifsud
Walter Thomas Miller III
Margie Morrell
Ann O'Hara
Paula Pekar
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Phelps
Phyllis Rice
Mr. & Mrs. John Richardson
Thomas Robertson
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rogers-Witte
Adrienne Roth
Dixie & Jerry Sansom
Deborah & Jay Schenck
Kathi Schillo
Janet & Michael Scioli
Sandra Sevigny
Cyndi Shaeffer
Dee Dee & Harry Sheffield
Tank & Rheta Sherman
Debra Sibley
Brian Smith
Susan Smith
Guy & Delores Spearman
Tony Spadafora
Jean Starkey
Frank & Jeanette Sullivan
Janet Tamborini
Dee Thomas
Lucinda Wallen
Tom & Susie Wasdin
Jack & Linda Young

In Loving Memory of Our Founding Members…

Robert Allen
Julie Berke
Ruth Ann Genoni
San Barnhart
Al Trafford
Catherine Rood

denotes Founding Members